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Smyth Welding 66-S, 72-S & 78-S (Residential)



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    Snowblower Manual.pdf

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    66, 72 & 78 Snowblowers.pdf

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66-S, 72-S & 78-S (Residential)
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Smyth Welding
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These blowers are made to suit a wide range of horse-power requirements from 25hp to 50hp.

The close-fitting fan housing with the 4 blade fan ensure that even the wettest snow is thrown clear of your path. The hardened/ground shafts, gears and splines along with re-inforced end-plates, clevis hitch, #60 auger chain and heavy-duty auger-flighting make this one tough package. Put it to the test on your compact tractor and see the difference.

  Technical Specifications


66″ 16″ 8″ X 24″ 545 Manual
72″ 16″ 8″ X 24″ 565 Manual
78″ 16″ 8″ X 24″ 600 Manual
  Product Options:
12 Volt Motor Hood Turner

This option includes a 12 volt actuator, and has a 270 degree hood rotation. This is a great option for when hydraulics are not available.

Hydraulic back drag option

Hydraulic Hood Turner Kit (Cable Operated)

This option is the most economical way to get power hood rotation.

Cylinder & Hoses or 12 Volt Actuator option available.

Flex Hood

http://smythwelding.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/Orbital-Motor-Hood-Turner-150x150.jpg      http://smythwelding.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/Orbital-Motor-Hood-Turner-150x150.jpg    http://smythwelding.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/Orbital-Motor-Hood-Turner-150x150.jpg   http://smythwelding.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/Orbital-Motor-Hood-Turner-150x150.jpg

12 Volt Actuator

The 12 volt actuator can be used when hydraulic control is not an option.

This options allows smooth operation with internal controls.


Cylinder & Hoses

Cylinder & Hoses NOT included when hydraulic hood is standard on snowblowers.

This option is the most durable and reliable method of controlling your hood rotation or deflection when hydraulics are available.

Adjustable Linkage (Dummy Cylinder)

This option is for use with the flex hood option when hydraulics are not available.

Weld On Cutting Edge

Our weld on cutting edge has mild steel wear bars, stitch welded to the wearing surfaces on the under side of the snowblower.

Bolt On Cutting Edge

Our bolt on cutting edge is a hardened bevelled bar, that is bolted to the wearing surfaces on the under side of the snowblower.


Adjustable Skid Shoes

The adjustable skid shoes allow you to adjust the cutting depth of the snowblower. This is typically used for softer or uneven surfaces.


Wing Edges

Wing edges extend and re-inforce the end plates of the snowblower for better bank cutting ability!


Light Duty 1000 RPM

1-3/8″ x 21 Spline on PTO or 1-3/4″ 20 Spline on PTO (150 H.P to 225 H.P).

The 1000 RPM option allows you to use high speed PTO to operate your snowblower, while reducing torque load on the drive line. We have many different gear boxes available to suit your horse power requirements.


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